CMA’s curriculum is Unique

CMA curriculum is known for its two-hand, four finger abacus training. It integrates online practice and multi media learning to enhance student progress.Our ability based programme means students can start anytime and be promoted to the next level at their own pace.
Our courses also take into account children and adults of different age groups so that their learning curve will be further enhanced.
Courses are categorised from Grade 13 down to the highest Grade 1 Level. Thereafter, students can further challenge themselves to the DAN level from 1 to 10.

1- Kindy Programme for 3 - 4.5 years old
2- Pre-School Programme for 5 years old and below
3- Lower Primary Programme for 5-7 years old
4- Primary Programme for 7-13 years old
5- Adult Programme for 14-60 years old
6- Teacher Training Programme for 19-60 years old

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