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Abacus Mental Arithmetic is a healthy brain stimulant which promotes the use of both left and right brain simultaneously. The left brain has been the dominant function for most people worldwide. Many do not fully utilize or develop the use of their right brain. This is especially true for young children. CMA Mental Arithmetic has bridged the gap by providing a unique training where young children can best benefit and develop their total brain. The result is better concentration, memory and creativity.

Mental Arithmetic does more than help children improve math grades. Young students of a certain level can already do addition and subtraction of large numbers without any devices at CMA.

This is an example of a 2 Digit 10 Number question for a Grade 3 student: 95 + 17 + 60 + 61 + 28 + 27 + 49 + 83 + 40 + 35 How is this possible?

The CMA methodology and brilliant use of left-right brain process makes performing such a mathematical calculation easy even for pre-schoolers.

Children are trained to listen and understand numbers while they do mental calculations. They will learn to use effective imageries through sheer visualization. As the numbers get larger, they will accumulate abilities to memorize details and further work with speed and accuracy. All this requires great concentration and focus on the tasks at hand. With the formulas, they will be stretched to process information in the shortest time possible to solve the problems and answer correctly. This is how a holistic approach is achieved through the process of doing a math sum.

The skies the limit to training pre-schoolers and children to stretch their mental minds to achieve greater total brain development through mental calculations.

Research done by Nippon Medical School on 200 students over 10 years shows abacus users have high levels of brain activities in their right brain. Typical scientific and mathematical calculations uses the left brain; by visualizing an image of the abacus in their head, users are able to tap into their right brain, achieving a balanced usage of both brain hemispheres.

The researchers conclude that abacus learning is beneficial to help children understand the numerical system and mathematical formulations. They were able to stay focus and remember complicated number sequences as shown above. Using the right brain can effectively boost self-confidence, achieve better academic results and become more creative.

CMA Methodology is based on 5 beads system (using 1-4 beads abacus a.k.a Soroban). The system is easier to visualize, resulting in a smoother transition from calculations using physical device to mental visualization. Students will also be able to derive solutions faster with less likelihood of error. Using 2 hands 4 fingers methodology will stimulate more of both sides of the brain, leading to higher total brain development!

CMA programme is both fun and enjoyable. The ability based programme means new student can join an existing class among different age group. The number of class and amount of homework can be adjusted to suit the student’s needs to reap the best results.

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