Abacus Research

Dr. Toshio Hayashi

Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Osaka Prefecture University Director, Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (RIAST)

“Recent studies have proven that the abacus method of mental calculation is extremely effective in activating the right brain”

“The fingering movement leads to activation by providing appropriate stimuli in the large part of sensory to motor domains in the cerebral neocortex – synaptic connections.”


Ms. Kimiko Kawano

Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences. Studying brain waves (EEG;electroencephalography) during various kinds of brain activities for more than ten years.

“An effective application of image thinking induces human creativity and inspiration”

“The concentration and imaging techniques… can be useful in non-mathematical situations”


If someone who has undergone abacus mental arithmetic training, makes a conscious effort to apply the techniques, they may be able to learn faster than others not only in math calculations but in other aspects as well because we are – more than just numbers.


Why is Early Experience Crucial?

100 -200 billions of neurons at birth

15,000 synaptic connections for each cell

Increased experiences and stimuli in the early years define the wiring of an infant’s brain

By age 2, neural pruning begins

By age 3, 80% of synaptic connections are developed

Studies by Oxford University showed that the number of adult neurons is estimated to be about 41% lower than those of the newborns.


Neural Network/Connections

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