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The most appropriate time to learn abacus mental arithmetic for children is often around the age of 4. At age 3, 80% of synaptic connections in a child’s brain would have been developed. Their nerves would have grown at an optimal rate from age 4 to 6. Children would have better motor skills and will enjoy playing with objects (abacus included) by then. They will possess a curiosity and can absorb new information extremely well.

Brain development will continue effectively up to the age of 13. Therefore, children are encouraged to learn CMA dual brain programme anytime from this age range. Studies have shown that a child with good mental formation up to age 13 will continue to remain brilliant even when at 70; and those lacking in proper formation will start experiencing decline even as young as at age 20.

CMA Kinder programme is suitable for learners from 4 years and above. Lessons are fun and interactive, conducted in multi-media based learning environment.

CMA Kindy is for learners from 3 years and above. Children will be indulged in songs and physical activities; they will be constantly given positive affirmation to feel confident in learning mental arithmetic skills in a stress free environment.

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