Dear beloved parents,

One of the biggest dreams of every parent is having talented children with outstanding academic success. According to researchers, every child is a genius; critically, discovering it is challenging for most parents. With Brainy International School, you can determine your children’s potential and provide them with concrete academic foundation.

CMA Mental Arithmetic offers individualized learning programs for total brain development that have proven highly effective in helping children meet and excel not only in their curriculum but also in their extra-curricular activities regardless of age or ability.

Children in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Australia, United States of America, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam have satisfied and embraced this simple, yet highly effective approach to learning. CMA is the leading Mental Arithmetic program in the world and the most famous Mental Arithmetic program in Singapore.

With 34-year experience in Taiwan, CMA has established authorized centers providing this proven method of training around the world. A huge number of students have remarkably achieved dual brain empowerment and skills such as remembering and cognition, listening and observation, concentration, creativity, high flexibility, decision making, arithmetic intelligence, and self-confidence, especially improving their academic as well as overall performance.

To ensure highly academic success, CMA provides well-tailored curriculum with disciplines, collaboration, positive and stress-free learning atmosphere as well as stimulating learning materials and methods.

On behalf of Brainy International School, I wish you all the best wishes. Thanks.


Rous Bunthy

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