Benefits of CMA Methodology

Your child is able to simulate the 4 senses of sight, sound, touch and imagination when attending CMA’s courses.

Those who have mastered CMA’s two-hand abacus mental arithmetic have been able to show marked improvement in various ways.

Can you answer this question within seconds? 96.14 + 7.52 + 13.08 + 42.96 – 5.1 + 39.57 + 92.81 – 5.04 + 4.18 – 63.72

The ability to calculate the above example using CMA approach would mean the student is improving in developing both left and right brain through the formation of beta wave frequency.

The student will sharpen his calculation abilities due to the speedy formulations in the head to derive answers. This would also improve his concentration power as he continues in the discipline over time as the numbers get more complicated and larger (which includes multiplication and division). Such absorption power to handle large calculation in the mind will develop, confidence, patience and willpower in the student.

The different training programme such as listen or see and calculate approach will increase his memory power and reflexes. CMA total brain training will also improve study discipline, precise listening and understanding.

In other words, a student’s 4 senses of sight, sound, touch and imagination will be all stimulated resulting in greater performance in brain and personality by attending CMA courses.

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